Tips for Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration laws can be complex and overwhelming to understand, which is why it’s imperative that you hire an experienced and specialized immigration attorney on your team. An immigration lawyer will assist in the immigration process as you decide the most efficient means of proceeding and even represent you before the courts if needed. Arvian Law Firm can assist those considering immigration attorney to the United States. We take great pride in upholding justice while offering customers assistance, particularly our Attorney Vitalii M. Maliuk who has dedicated himself to helping clients through the family immigration to the USA process – Mr Maliuk has his licenses from Missouri as well as across all 50 States!

With so many immigration attorneys to choose from, finding one who fits your specific needs may be challenging. Here we provide some guidelines to assist in choosing one who best meets them.

Research Immigration Lawyers in Your Area

As your first step to finding an immigration attorney, research the lawyers available in your region. Ask family, friends and co-workers for suggestions before searching online and reading reviews from previous clients of immigration attorneys you are considering – this will give an indication of their credibility and expertise.

Check Credentials and Experience

After making your list of potential immigration lawyers, it’s essential that you verify their credentials and experience. A qualified immigration attorney must possess a license to practice law in their home state as well as having handled similar immigration cases like your own.

Schedule a Consultation

Prior to making any definitive decisions about an immigration lawyer, ensure you schedule a meeting. During this appointment you can discuss your immigration situation as well as inquire into their expertise and methods of operation. Furthermore, use this meeting as an opportunity to gauge if you feel at ease with them and whether or not they appear competent and professional.

Consider Cost

Immigration lawyers’ costs can range greatly, which is why it is essential that when selecting one you consider both your budget and payment options available such as payment plans to ensure they meet your needs. When meeting with potential lawyers it’s advisable to inquire about their fee structure as well as any additional expenses or payment plans they offer so as to find one who suits.

Look for a Lawyer Who Specializes in Immigration Law

Immigration law can be an ever-evolving field, making it essential to find an attorney who specializes in this area. A specialist has an in-depth understanding of the immigration process and can better represent you when handling your case. Furthermore, they’ll keep abreast of new developments within immigration law to provide clients with current details and guidelines.

Look for a Lawyer Who is Familiar With Your Specific Situation

Each immigration case presents its own set of challenges, so it is vital that you hire an immigration attorney familiar with your specific requirements. For instance, when seeking asylum it’s best to find an attorney with experience handling asylum cases while for green card requests it would be prudent to find one with experience dealing with green application for green.

Consider the Lawyer’s Communication Skills

Communication that is both clear and efficient is the cornerstone of a productive attorney-client relationship. At your meeting, take notice of how the lawyer communicates, including their ability to explain complicated legal concepts in language that you understand.

Ask About the Lawyer’s Track Record

At the conclusion, you should inquire into the experience of your immigration lawyer when dealing with cases similar to your own. Inquire into performance and success rates while seeking references from past clients as this will give a better indication of performance. Besides these guidelines, keep in mind that your lawyer must be someone you can rely on and trust – they will be handling an important aspect of your life which requires trustworthiness from them.

Tips to Get Ready for Your First Immigration Consultation

Know Your Objectives

Before attending your immigration appointment, it is crucial that you clearly establish what your objectives are in terms of legal procedures. Are you trying to assist loved ones out of the country or obtain an immigration green card for yourself or family member? Regardless of what your purpose may be, understanding your goals is paramount to successful immigration proceedings.

Write Down Important Information, including Dates and Events

Record any important dates or occasions as it will make it easier for an immigration attorney in Los Angeles to provide you with prompt and accurate legal advice. If time-sensitive matters arise, be sure to bring as much data as possible with you.

Come With a List of Questions

An initial meeting with an immigration attorney can be an invaluable opportunity to address all of your most pressing concerns. It is wise to make a list of questions for them prior to meeting; these could pertain to your case, their history and rights as a legal person and immigration options available to them. There can often be misperceptions surrounding U.S. immigration law so finding answers to questions will provide necessary clarity while alleviating anxiety.

Be Open and Honest

It is of utmost importance that you remain honest, sincere, truthful and direct with your immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. A first consultation is confidential – any information provided won’t be given out or shared with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or other government agencies. In order to provide reliable legal advice in Los Angeles, your immigration attorney needs to fully understand all aspects of your case.