How to Get Your “Alaska Fishing License”

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It’s impossible to forget an angling adventure in the “Last Frontier”. You’ll find majestic mountains, stunning northern lights, eight national park, and the largest Salmon in the nation. The best thing about Alaska Fishing License is the abundance of fishing opportunities that are available to anglers. You will need an Alaska Fishing License, regardless of where you are planning to go.

This guide will cover everything you need about Alaska Fishing Licensesport fishing licenses. We’ve also explained the differences between non-resident and resident licenses. Also, how to obtain permits and other information before you go out on the water.

  • You can find information on the US and neighboring states here.
  • Alaska fishing license is not required.

Non-residents 16+ and residents 18 years old or older must obtain a license in order to fish in Alaska in both fresh and salt water. Some Alaskan residents are allowed to fish in fresh and salt waters without a license. This will be covered later.

There are many types of Alaska fishing licences available. These licenses can be purchased for residents, non-residents and military personnel. The type of license and the length of your license will determine the fees. Your age may also be a factor. The Department of Fish and Game makes use of the revenue from fishing license sales to fund research and management of Alaska’s wildlife and fish resources.

Alaska Fishing License Information for residents

If you are:

  • Are Alaskan citizens and have lived in Alaska for at least 12 months.
  • Are you a military spouse or a dependent who has been stationed in Alaska during the last 12 months?

You will need to record the annual harvest limits for some Rainbow Trout and King Salmon fisheries. You may also need a Sport Fishing Harvest Record Card. This card can be obtained online or at licensed vendors.

For resident anglers aged 18 or less, and for non-resident anglers age 16 and older, the Harvest Record Card is available at no cost to senior citizens and disabled veterans who have ADF&G Permanent ID Cards.

You will need to buy a current King Salmon Stamp if you plan on fishing for Chinook King Salmon in Alaska. To see if your exemption is available, please refer to the section “Who can fish without fishing license?”

Costs for residents

Alaska residents have a wide range of fishing licenses available to them. You can either cast your line for a few days or purchase an annual permit. You can also get a combination license for hunters. Here is a list of all available sport fishing options, as well as the costs.

Information for non-residents

Non-residents are not eligible to apply for certain types licenses such as the Low Income and Blind. You have greater flexibility in deciding the length of licenses. If you plan to fish for Chinooks, you will need to buy a King Salmon Stamp just like residents.

Non-resident licenses can be purchased by Yukon Territory residents. However, they are not as expensive as residents.

Non-Residents Pay More

Out-of-state anglers have more options when it comes length. This is the list of options available for visitors who are not residents and military personnel who are not residents:

A license is required to fish.

Senior Alaskans (60 years and older) with a Senior Permanent ID Card or state’s disabled veterans with veteran’s licenses don’t have to apply for an Alaska fishing licence. It is possible to obtain a PID or disabled veteran’s licence without any additional cost. You can find out more about this here.

Anglers younger than 18 years old (residents and nonresidents) do not need to purchase a King Salmon Stamp. However, they will still need to get a Harvest record card. If you have an Alaska sport fishing licence for the blind or low-income, the Stamp is not necessary.

Where can I purchase an Alaska Fishing License?

Your Alaska fishing license comes with your charter price. This is the best thing about it. This is true if you book a trip with an outfitter, captain, or guide who are licensed. It is important to discuss it with them before you book.

You can get your license and stamps online if you are fishing without a guide. Online ordering is also possible for Harvest Record Cards.

There are many types of Alaska Fishing License formats:

Electronic/Printed. Your license can be downloaded in PDF format. You can also print it, sign and take it with you.

eSigned. This format can be ordered online if you have an ADF&G Account. You can view and print signed licenses from your device.

Carbon copy. This handwritten license is available at certain vendors and ADF&G office. You can purchase a duplicate if you lose your original at $5.00

What is the validity of my license?

It is usually valid until December 31st, depending on which type of license you buy. Short-term nonresident fishing licenses can only be purchased for 1, 3, 7 or 24 days after purchase.

How can I obtain a low income, PID or DAV license

A low income license for sport fishing may be available to Alaska residents whose household or family income is less than (or equal) the latest Alaska poverty guidelines. You can find out more information online.

You can still get your Alaska fishing license by contacting your local ADF&G office if you have any questions. You can also leave a comment below. It’s now time to grab your license and rods and reels. Find a guide close by you and get fishing!

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